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Reo-Pack Automatic Corebox for Roll Handling Solutions both 3" and 6" Shafts


Reo-Pack produces complete packaging lines for roll, and shaft handling.

This Reo-Pack corebox unit can be supplied with automatic spacer positioning system.
Automatic corebox is used in roll fabrication for paper, non woven and other products. The corebox is used to automatically load and place new cores to the shaft before inserting the shaft in the slitter rewinder again. Corebox with auto spacer guide can be interlocked with the slitter rewinder for exact positioning af the core. 


Reo-Pack Automatic Shaft Puller


The shaft puller has automatic shaft detection, deflate and inflate for core lock to shaft. The shaft puller can be combined with an automatic corebox for automatic re-core of shafts. Moreover, it can also be combined with a shaft rack for automatic shaft change, also automatic change between shaft size.

Complete Roll Handling


Picture above show an examble of a full packaging line for rolls. The up-ender is in the midle of its cycle. In the back ground is the wrapping machine.


big upender 240



Up-ender for heavy rolls up to Ø2500mm height 3500mm.

Rullebane loesninger 4

Logistic System with Flat Top Conveyors for either Rolls or Blocks


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