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Semi Automatic

Semi-Automatic Turntables T16E & T16F


  • Relay Controller
  • Photo-cell pallet height sensor 
  • Select number of top/bottom wraps 0-3 pc
  • Select number of up/down wraps
  • 3-12 RPM variable turntable speed by frequency inventor 
  • Variable carriage up/down speed
  • Cycle pause capability 
  • Manual carriage up/down switch 
  • Turntable jog button 


Film Carriage:

  • Variable film tension control 

  • Heavy duty chain film carriage lift 
  • Safety stop to avoid foot injury 






Special Solution: 

  • Stainless performance for the aggressive environments 
  • Ball bearing ø1050. The large bearing ensures stability and a long life
  • Electronic control double motorised pre-stretch system for maximum utilization of the stretch film 

F1400: Special Solution


  • F1400 with twin turntable performance 

F1400: Power Pre-Stretch Machine

Reo-Pack's F1400 is a market leading top quality semi-automatic stretch wrapper, of Danish design and Danish build quality, with a unique variable film power pre-stretch system from 0 to 400%.

This type of wrapping machine can be supplied with the most efficient wrapping program where the operator can program their own wrapping recipe.

Each program has individual settings for film tension, film pre-stretch, for bottom wraps, wrapping up, top wraps and wrapping down.


Obvious Advantages by the F1400 Wrapping Machine from Reo-Pack:

  • Strongest construction on the market ensuring long life

  • All electrical parts are "off the shelf" at your local supplier 
  • Custom machines are our speciality 
  • The stepless double motorised pre-strech ensures maximum utilization of the film 
  • Flexible wrapping programs
  • Automatic detection of the allet height 

The F 1400 can be made to individual customer specifications:

  • Large size turntable

  • Extended wrapping height

  • Open turntable

  • Stainless steel

  • Top clamp

  • Automatic film cut and hold device

  • Optional loading ramp or floor ring to have the turntable at floor level




F1400: Special Solution


  • F1400 with roller conveyor and top clamp

F1200: Core Brake Machine


Reo-Pack F1200 semi automatic stretch wrapping machine, Danish design and build quality.

The F1200 is designed for customers with many identical pallets to wrap.The F1200 can be made tailored to customer specifications:

  • Electric top clamp
  • large size turntable
  • extra wrapping height
  • open turntable
  • horse shoe turntable
  • stainless steel finish
  • heavier pallet 
  • Optional loading ramp or floor ring to have the turntable level with the floor


Film Carriage: 

Film pre-stretched by a mechanical system. 

Optical pallet height detector. 


F 1200 Wrapping Program: 

  • Cross-wrapping program 
  • Selectable numbers, top and bottom-wrappings
  • Automatic check of pallet height 



F1400 90 Grader split 1 240x

  • Special Solution: Open Turntable F1400 Split, a Special Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machine from Reo-Pack 

  • The F1400 with open turntable, or horse shoe, is designed for places where it is not possible to use floor frames or ramps. It can be delivered with loading from the sides or from the front.

F1000: Core Brake Machine 

This semi automatic stretch wrapping machine from Reo-Pack F1000 is manually controlled by the operator, and designed for low pallet through put or pallets which require a wrapping pattern controlled by the operator.


Top Clamp: 

Electrically driven, with automatic height detector for wrapping light-weight and unstable goods. 


Film Carriage: 

Film pre-stretched by a mechanical system. 


F1000 Wrapping Program:

  • Turntable start/stop
  • Film carriage up/down 


The F1000 can be made Tailored to Customer Specifications:

  • large size turntable
  • extra wrapping height
  • open turntable
  • stainless steel finish
  • Optional loading ramp or floor ring to have the turntable at floor level

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