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REO PACK launch a new mid-range stretch wrapper type S1500

The new fully automatic wrapper has a capacity of up to 75 pallets per hour. 

The purpose of the S1500 is to make a stretch wrapper that is easy to manufacture and easy for our customers to install. To reach this goal, the machine is constructed so it can be folded together for transport with only a few parts to be re assembled on site. Cables to control panels are ‘plug in’ for easy and faultless connection, this ensures that the wrapper can be installed quickly and safely.

The wrapper can be produced with Reo-Pack's unique ISS system for film cutting and welding as well as fully variable film power pre-stretch. The Reo-Pack S1500 can also be delivered with Reo-Pack's unique menu wrapping program where all parameters such as film pre-stretch, film tension, film overlap and more are adjustable for each step of the wrapping cycle. This makes the Reo-Pack S1500 the most efficient and economical stretch wrapper on the market both in film consumption and running costs.



 Reo Pack S1500ISS